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// Who We Are

MAGNOM started as an equipment rental and manpower outsourcing company in 1999, and since then, the company kept growing successfully with the mission “to continuously adapt to the innovative and creative changes in the logistic- and marine construction fields, in order to provide total integrated solutions for every unique project.” There is an undeniable link between the unique requirements of Magnom client’s and Magnom’s success. Magnom uses client’s requirements as new opportunities to improve their services, by delivering on its clients expectations. The innovative and diverse crew at Magnom are forward-thinking and always looking for best quality services with a corporate conscious.

MAGNOM as a company is not only diverse in the services and tailored packages it offers but, Magnom’s diversity reflects also in her family of experts that bring knowledge from various industries such as power generation, oil and gas mining, marine construction, labor outsourcing and power stations.

Now, more than 22 years later after Magnom was founded in Egypt, the company pride itself on its heritage and its entrepreneurial spirit that made Magnom transform throughout the years to a company that can offer her clients high quality tailored packages that contain all the specific tools to complete their projects successfully.

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