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Safety First - Zero harm to our employees, the environment and communities is our goal.- Dignity and Respect - Equal treatment and opportunity for all employees with transparent processes founded on dignity and respect and encouraging a sense of ownership- Sustainability – Sustainable growth supported by a safe, profitable and socially responsible business while developing long-term resources.- Collaboration - Productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders.- Excellence – A commitment to focus on a culture of best business practices.

- Optimize Operations – Magnom will:
• Identify economic potential available to the client by changing the operating philosophies and redesigning core processes.
• The changes in the Core Process and subsequent Economic Potential Options can include options with or without capital expenditure.
• All Economic Options are presented in terms of Cash, NPV and range of risk outcomes.
• When certain Operating Philosophies are changed, Hidden Value often becomes available and the Core Process can be redesigned accordingly.

- Lowest Cost Platform -
Magnom will:
• Identifies the minimum amount of work required to achieve the volume and value targets
• Provides greenfield projects with a scientific understanding of the basic equipment and labor equation required for an operation before any money is spent on equipment and infrastructure.
• Identifies non-value adding functions that most brownfields organizations accumulate over time eliminates waste scientifically, not opportunistically
• Identifies the lowest fixed cost platform and variable cost flexing to cater for volatility

- Stabilizing Operations
There are several indications that the operational system has reached the limits of its inherent capability and has become unstable. These include:
• Increasing variance from plan
• maintenance reliability issues
• safety incidents and failure to meet short and long-term objectives

• Finds the sources of the instability and develops specific strategies which create enough time and space in the operations to optimize the available capacity
• Develops solutions to increase the system capability or cap the system throughput at levels where performance is stable and continuous improvement efforts are sustainable

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