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Our diversified family of companies includes expertise at every step along the logistics journey with proven knowledge from various industries such as power generation, oil and gas mining, marine construction, labor outsourcing, and power stations. Over 20 years, we’ve built strong customer relationships, and we’ve realized as well that every request we handle is a vital component of our success. That’s why we take our corporate responsibility seriously by sticking to the highest ethical, honest, and sustainable business standards. Our ingenuity, customer dedication, and multimodal approach ensure we provide real solutions and tangible results.

Today, we are proud to carry on our tradition into the future to support our customers as they grow and allow them to be more competitive through delivering seamlessly end-to-end customized solutions with a commitment to reliability, innovation, and continuous development.

As the world moves toward sustainable logistic solutions and the demand rises, we continuously innovate and improve our processes and operations to constantly meet the complex and rapidly evolving logistic needs whatever the business sector and maintain our customers satisfied and delighted.

Magnom Logistics is the ideal partner for all your logistic needs; you can focus on your fundamental business while our experts undertake all your spectacular logistic hassles. We’ve got you fully covered with various services and tailored packages. We have all the resources, tools, and expertise to get every job done right every time, and we treat each client with care and dedication.


  Partners in success:

In light of our professional and excellent approach, Magnom Logistics had the privilege to be the sole agent for Lurssen, the largest German tycoon in building navy vessels and frigates. Westfal-Lurssen group is a world-leading provider of Maritime transportation services and products with more than a century of experience within the shipping industry.


   Magnom Logistics Benefits:

  • Reduce your overall logistics costs.

  • Avoid distribution infrastructure and system investments.

  • Avoid fleet investments and maintenance.

  • Build and up-fit your distribution capability in new markets.

  • Bring the best practices that bear for your organization.

  • Analyze and optimize your processes constantly.

  • Enable you to focus on your core business and what you do best.

  • We provide the best client service through our best-in-class support team.

  • We Have a full range of sector specialists.

  • We have comprehensive market knowledge.

  • We enable access to market-leading research and forecasting.

  • We work according to an integrated, innovative, and value-driven approach.

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