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 MAGNOM Holding

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Since our inception in 1991 by the egyptian entrepreneur and investor Eng -Maged Marie , Magnom has set out to rock the equipment rental and manpower outsourcing industry.

Magnom was determined to continuously explore and evaluate business opportunities and expand while mobilizing all expertise and resources to meet and exceed clients' expectations. We have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality performance, logistical sophistication, resource management, and tight controls throughout the years. Our reputation has contributed to a notable growth of focused investments across many industries until we disrupted the norm and became Magnom Holding, a huge family consisting of subsidiary companies dedicated to bringing diversity, innovation, and quality to meet changing market needs.

Today, Magnom Holding provides integrated solutions and operating in various sectors, including power generation, mining, marine construction, security, logistics, manpower outsourcing, Real Estate, and transportation. We have extended our investment outreach through owning and controlling subsidiary companies, such as MAGNOM CONSTUCTIONMAGNOM LOGISTICMAGNOM MININGMAGNOM PROPERTIESMAGNOM FREE ZONEMILLENNIUM SECURE SOLUTIONS, and EGYPT PORTS our family of companies were merged corporately but still retain their  unique identities.

The holding now plays an active role in stimulating and guiding the development of its constituent companies, helmed by a business team with several years of technical and managerial experience in multiple industries. We also maintain close relationships with existing investors, suppliers, partners, customers, and asset managers and perpetually devote our efforts to developing the business network to identify appropriate investment opportunities.



We are committed to consistently delivering superior quality services to support companies of all types across different sectors from Logistics & Manpower to Mining, Security, Marine development & management, Construction & Real Estate, and more. Pursuing this mission, we apply broad expertise, promote a forward-thinking attitude, and develop new capabilities to exceed industry expectations, address the evolving demand, and deliver measurable value to our clients, shareholders, and employees.



We incessantly strive to expand our business portfolio horizontally and vertically in terms of service types and scopes and endeavor to become the most efficient and preferred partner in all served sectors by delivering high-end solutions that answer even the most complex needs on time and budget.


Our Core Values:

We understand that our work contributes to a sustainable future for our communities, customers, and people. To stay steadfast and focused, we always Embrace, Embody, and Contribute to our Core Values that define who we are and how we act. By sticking to our values, we strengthen customer trust, reinforce our market credibility, enable businesses to grow, and help communities to thrive.


So, whatever we do, wherever we go, whenever we are, we:

·         Respect the environment where we work

·         Demonstrate an impartial, diverse, and collaborative work environment

·         Listen actively, learn well, and seek out the best ideas

·         Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

·         Communicate in a timely and forthright manner.

·         Make commitments responsibly and always keep our word.

·         Prioritize safety and security

·         Think without limits and embrace new ideas

·         Work with a relentless client focus

·         Care for the well-being of our people and help them grow

·         Conduct our business to the highest ethical and integrity standards

·         Commit to excellence in all we do by doing it first, doing it right, and doing it best

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