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Magnom Mining is an Egyptian company that was born out of Magnom Holding Group. It mainly operates in mineral processing, mining operations, and consultation with a portfolio of high potential and strategical assets that provide supply security, operational quality, and a pipeline of opportunities.


The Company’s objective is to maximize value to its shareholders through the development of minerals processing or commercialization of opportunities in base and precious metals within Egypt.


Today, our most valuable asset is our dynamic, dedicated, and committed team that comprises geological consultants, project managers, logistic experts, technicians, and data management specialists. Collectively, they apply their extensive knowledge and experience and use the latest technologies to optimize mining operations, increase efficiency, develop innovative approaches, and deliver the highest quality products that meet clients’ needs and objectives.


Our Mission:

To unlock the full benefits of the mining industry and create value for our stakeholders through implementing the most recent technologies, applying the best practices, and optimizing mining operations while exploring and processing minerals and energy resources.


Our Vision:

To be the market leader company providing high-quality mining products and services that contribute and deliver value to our clients, partners, and stakeholders while protecting our natural surroundings adhering responsible to the international standards in our daily operations.

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