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// Marine Construction

Wharves, piers, terminals, marinas, bridges and more – Magnom has been in the marine construction business for more than 10 years, and our experience shows. Nobody beats Magnom reliability as a prime contractor for a wide range of project types.

Magnom owns and operates a fleet of floating and land based construction equipment. We are state licensed and fully insured with Egypt Longshoremen and Harbor Insurance.

We offer a variety of specialty projects to commercial and public projects and beyond. Our in-house marine construction specialists will assess your projects’ unique specifications and develop a design that will meet your needs precisely.

Magnom Marine Construction, is primarily focused as a Marine Infrastructure and Utility Contractor performing construction projects for its clients. Magnom is a privately owned company that has established its corporate headquarters in Sokhna ,with many offices located throughout Egypt.

Each Magnom location is staffed with committed managers, employees, and equipment to provide rapid and dedicated services to our clientele.

A proven track record of safe, efficient and innovative marine construction services has made us an industry leader. All of our internal systems are designed around our philosophy of providing safe, efficient, and cost effective solutions for our clients.

Full time maintenance personnel and an extensive quantity of owned assets ensure that when project arises all equipment utilized performs to its maximum capacity and will do so for the duration of the project.

Magnom has a reputation for performing highly complex tasks for our clients in the hydroelectric, salvage, pipeline, and submarine cable industries in a safe, quality and cost effective manner.

By providing turnkey solutions to our clients we have become a preferred provider of marine construction services. Through the successful completion of individual projects, Magnom has earned an excellent reputation with its clients, establishing a stable financial foundation to promote continued growth of our company.

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